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Cable USA has long been considered the manufacturing pioneer in special, made to order wire and cable.

We build solutions for our customers with products made to their exact specification or in conjunction with our in-house engineering & design team.

We have the capability to manufacture custom designs, small runs, and prototypes that other manufacturers simply will not do.

From a single conductor to over 100 conductor designs and composite cables, we have the capability, the know how, and the real world experience to handle your special designs. Constructions from 90ºC to 538ºC and all temperatures in between.  From 1100MCM to #40 or long continuous lengths we can help - We do it every day.

You can find our specially designed cables in a vast array of markets including but not limited to; Transit, Sensor, Industrial, Military, Medical, Petro-Chemical and many other commercial industries.  Maybe you would like to have your cable private lableled, we can arrange that too.

If you feel your cable isn't meeting your expectations, isn't lasting as long as you anticipated or simply you can't find a cable for your applications - we can help!

Contact us and we'll be glad to assist you, we listen first and design second.



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